Founded on the idea that through our local knowledge and relationships, both in the US and Scandinavia, we bridge the very best of stories and talent to create new, fresh and exciting products for audiences to enjoy on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.


Trollbound Entertainment™ is continuously developing film and television projects. We are always looking for scripts and ideas as well as collaborations with other companies, so if you have something you would like to submit to us we would love to hear from you.

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  • suverenehelter_tb
    Suverene Helter
  • Devil's Note
    Devil’s Note
  • TrollboundLillyHammer
    Lilyhammer (Season 2)
  • Norsk på Italiensk
    Norsk på Italiensk
  • TrollboundIdealists
    The Idealists
  • topmodel2
    Norway’s Next Top Model (Season 8)
  • TrollboundAltForNorge
    All for Norway (Season 4 and 5)
  • TrollboundKjusLogo
    Who can Beat Aamodt & Kjus (Season 5)
  • TrollboundTwin
    The Twinhunters
  • Panser
  • TrollboundBaby
    Johanna: Project Baby
  • TrollboundYlvis
    Tonight Show with Ylvis

Line Production Services


Finding a studio that fits both your technical requirements and budget can be a challenging task when you are shooting in a different country. There are many things to consider such as physical location, traffic, insurance requirements, permits and more. Trollbound Entertainment™ can offer a wide variety of studios in many different locations and our team will insure that the facilities meet your needs.

Product Placement

Product placement is the inclusion of a branded product in media, usually without explicit reference to the product. Product placement stands out as a highly trending marketing strategy, and we can provide both product placement as a way of financing for your production, or find suited projects for your product.

Location Scouting

We understand the importance of having the perfect locations for your production. We facilitate location scouting and also work closely with several film commissions to help you find the absolute best alternative for your project.

Housing and

Finding affordable housing and transportation for your team in a foreign country may be challenging without knowing the areas of where you plan to do your work. Trollbound Entertainment™ has a number of trusted partners that provide short and long term rentals at affordable pricing.

Crew and Equipment

Trollbound Entertainment™ has a large network of talented crew members and long standing relationship with top of the line equipment rental companies, providing our customers with secure and reliable services at competitive prices.


The consequences of not being fully insured may become catastrophic for a production. Through our very competent insurance brokers we can facilitate insurance solutions that are tailor made for your specific needs.

Visa Applications
and Legal Advice

It is important to ensure that all paperwork for your personnel is in order when working abroad. As immigration and work permit laws are very strict both in Scandinavia and the US, discovering midway in a production that something is wrong can be expensive and in worst case detrimental to a project. We streamline the complicated visa process for your legible crew and talent together with high level experienced lawyers, so that you can be sure that your production is legal and will not be interrupted because of visa issues.


As we are “on the ground” both in Scandinavia and the US, we can provide accurate and comprehensive research for your project.


In the US, a permit is required for all commercial filming in public areas. Trollbound Entertainment can apply for all permits needed for your production.

The Team

Our team has a diverse background in film, television, advertising, media and technology. These collective resources make the foundation of Trollbound Entertainment.

Dave Spilde

CEO, Producer and Partner

Dave Spilde co-founded, Unique Cinema Systems, Scandinavia’s largest cinema installation company in 1997 and has since been an

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Hallgrim Haug

Director, Photographer and Partner

Hallgrim Haug is an international award winning director and director of photography with two decades of work to

Read More

Daniel Berge Halvorsen

Producer and Partner

Daniel Berge Halvorsen has a background in film investment. He now works as a producer on film and

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Ilana Pinker

Marketing Manager

Ilana Pinker has eight years of experience in the advertisement, communication and newspaper industry in Norway. Her skills

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Thomas Gløtvold Tømta


Thomas Tømta has a background as head of sales in Scandinavia’s largest cinema advertising sales company. His focus

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Sean Gornstein

Country Manager Denmark - Lead Developer

Sean Gornstein is a format developer and field producer with extensive experience from the advertisement- and entertainment industry.

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